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Doofie Drowned (Fuzzink. Records 2017)

   Abruptly thrust the second sun in mass within the binary countdown stars project goes awkwardly left stranded in captive constant as daylight dies and the three hundred degrees heat may leads you to resembled kindling points as the bodies burst as entities and Heavy Rock Stoner and Post-Metal landed to rock the bones of earth which brought in exiles by Half Gramme Of Soma – deliciously, gorgeous and deadly to taste like sweet poison and everlasting sex with the universe around you ranging the influences and blending sounds from the band’s base in Athens; with vocalist Motor, Psilos and Choko the guitar players, Mak the bass player and drummer ToPill natively from Piraeus, Greece to shaking your stereo in great solos, heavier riffs and rhythmic drumming in chase. Thus Gloomy Eggplant shaped craft comes like a blast as the infamous record for Groove Is Black may causing addiction to the metal-heads loving criminals to following the space journey of these five-piece rockers to the deserted planets and invading the territory with Mega Rollo Booster, Red Kiss, Jerk and No Man’s God. Hard as the rawk gods coming ! 

Groove is Black: