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Divelte Sinapsi (Avantgarde Music 2013)

   Assembling the layered Electronic and Classic Black Metal onto something creates through thus Progressive music display combines the Ambient dark and elements of IDM or Psybient exploring the universal landscapes and build your future colonies on the few next stops planet-bases as a beginning for mental collision project between science and musical envision evolved by the roots and develops further more like the sightseeing over this U.M.A metropolis small nation while listening to Black Metal progression sounds around it. Purposes off Eon [0] for machines and instruments with Nex [1] performing vocals and machines leads Progenie Terrestre Pura operating the pass-code bearer onto an acronym for Uomini, Macchine, Anime alike related to somekind of blue book project and space explorations becomes colonist-permanent invasion towards other planets.

   Heavy Metal and Prog-Rock Electro turning the tide real fast as classic double pedals monotonous crushing the atmosphere replacing it within Sovrarobotizzazione and La Terra Rossa Di Marte while the next terraforming teams use Droni to cleaning up the area kilo by kilo from the gigantic space station headquarter where the order placing their regime power on these new foundation of greedy advance mankind.