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Dispersed Means No (The Unsayable Music 2013)

   Mixed gender musician locale of Oakland, CA makes good steps outing their comfort zone base to sharing thus lullabies Space Pop culture music for adults in Ambient Folk-Pop improvised sounds of seminal acoustic like it was made at the living room couch by Sundays and the group: The Co-op calling this their record little less commercial as The Fall Came Too Soon utilized themes inspirations over the young children experience, wide variety of electro meets acoustic sounds clearly, led by the magical piano play and letting the listeners knowing the works of Sacha Galvanga, Jennifer Harper and Caroline Penwarden got their influences from Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra to Pierre Bastien and Manduka and Sun R – writing those ten tracks as putting them inside the repertoire of the album like Roses, Wooden Sticks, Anton’s Birthday Party, The Sea Will Change as becoming clearly, suspended in quiet vocals over While The Town Sleeps makes even further haunting depressions artistic products that would make the retirement house patients feeling the loneliness finally, talks to them and telling the story of their lives.

The Fall Came Too Soon: