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Dingir Mirage (Bandcamp 2018)

   Blessed the new earth like Jerusalem in reptilian world now as this unit of instrumental underground heavy Music for all genres slowly begin to infiltrates our places within fuzz heaviest and Doom Blues as well as Stoner Psychedelic rocking and Jo the drummer, Nic on six-strings, Phil the bass guitar player and vocalist Vince  affiliated as their solid Quebec city shaken by thus dark, moody, brooding atmospheric delivers from Godhead Lizard as recorded, mixed and mastered by Roger Coumoyer and the clouded skies are open in the forthcoming gift of the king of kings in reptile forms thundering the sounds of Ancient Suns or Dreamstone and Aphelia to the reigning season of the world covered with ashes. This self-titled causing surreal mind-blowing and faith changer in short memory loss or the longest progress through either eight to nine minutes more distorting interruption in the name of the fuzzy riffs, the melodic Doomy Stoner and the holy sexy bitch Ms. Mary Jane – they said, amen. 

Godhead Lizard: