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Devouring Planets (Independent 2018)

   Sol Zalez is being himself writing thus lyrics flown, the Rap-Rock beats arrangements and East Coast via Newark sided claiming the throne for Underground scene communion on Hip-Hop of the USA by not saying the bigger paid cash and famous singles included but on how the reality original and materials can moves the listeners not to sitting around like a slacker but get down and out trying especially, those latinos brotherhood elsewhere reaching for the outer space like a champion cyborg gladiator bashing as many obstacles as possible to grab the dreaming journey to the sun via street beats and local stories behind the terrifying tunes and themes for Black Galactus & The Latino Silver Surfer united tight by forces, carrying the Classic Old-School Hip-hop and Rap music plus the additional rocking tricks sampling or blended there for the co-working over Sol and Tame One, producer A.U.R.C to Ashera the artwork designer seasonal but solid here providing to you and friends the cool music of nine such as Thee Official Adventures Of…, Meanwhile Back in The City, Biker Broads From Mars, Lose Control and Any Wall’s Fit not delivering positive thoughts – may give ya’ll Hell !

Black Galactus & The Latino Silver Surfer: