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Devil’s Pact (Independent 2017)

   Believed to be a troops that liking Faith No More much but before they’re sending this bitterness bringer of life recording to the surface – the rest of them gone or dead mysteriously turning back to Pot Zombies as the Groove Metal soloist and power dunker blasts from Rio De Janeiro that looking and sounded a Thrash Metal with Cross-Over style consisting of Alexandre Arrigoni (vocals), Lucas Elias (guitars), Ricardo Martins (drums) and Alvaro Domingues (bass) has given this worst releasing off their demoing tapes selection and five non-promising songs of horror-tinged and dangerous insanity themes comes out in anger like Killer, Missing In Action or Carved and Everybody Hates Me – complaining on the conditions of the planet and the surroundings of them as Straight From The Grave gets a crazy looks of metallic fusion on the level for bastard locals like them already semi-genius to craving this shouting shit anthems of murderous tales.

Straight From The Grave: