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Desmodus Rotundus (Lawless Jakarta Records 2017)

   Metallic Horror-Punk formed by licks of tight solos, vocals inspired by Glenn Danzig or The Misfits as well as the local fans of horrific tales from abroad to the traditional folklore – this is Jakarta’s five-piece formation of Sayiba Von mencekam on vocals and guitar, Fahri Al Maut (guitar & vocals), Tanduk on bass guitar, Deta Beringas the guitarist/vocalist and drummer Buto forcing you to go on following their dark path of every single doors lead to different frightened stories as Kelelawar Malam releasing their second album on Jalan Gelap which crossing the hybrid metal music and punk rock over Goth-Rock to Death-Rock in local lyrics and as much dosage to scares you within this. Inspired by local folklore haunting images and supernatural beings like the infamous figure of Nyi Roro Kidul, Suzanna the female horror actress playing her roel as Sundal Bolong or succubi, the fear of ghost inside everyone’s heart; curses and black magic practicing onto Dracula, demons and monsters being collectively, put into one box recording and spawns Ordo Vampire, Setan Jalanan, Babylon, Merapi the sacred mountain or Sang Pembantai as this description similar to portraying Mr. Vorhees made of Indonesia and much more Halloween pranks to come true within the unlucky bloodier nights starts to possessing your ears from deep inside the stereo.

Jalan Gelap: