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Delocalised Kepler 186F (Independent 2018)

   Orchestrating the visible Ambient earlier inspirations or later on adding their favorable Progressive Atmospheric Death metal melodies about philosophy, religions and science clashes within the modern-day catastrophe by these Knaphill, Surrey – England group project named Sinneth Soul.
   As Tomasz Frankiewicz leading the performance over everything on the musical instruments and productions as well writing and arranging music within the remarkable finding of the ancient gate that can removing your presences to other era of the past to future or another dimensional realm far from this one been drawn there towards the second recording collection from Tomas on Sinnath Soul through Time Traveller menacingly, telling tales of Heavy metal extremities and brutal saga sessions of battles and total annihilation wars for eleven tracks from Delusion, marching Constellations, Labyrinth of Words and Mystery of Creation – questioning the monotheist god and other gods as mortals too, conquering the territory through blood and lives shredding as well as scientific discoveries in between lies and reality to proof must be the band’s approval brand marks that gives the audiences a tricky way on following the growler parts and hatred mosh-pit inside the circle of anomalies experience listening to this. 

Time Traveller: