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Defence Chewbacca (Lockjaw Records 2012)

   Steps sounded like these band of youngster Punk-Skaters worshiping Propagandhi or Strung Out or even A Wilhelm Scream mixed thus Melodic Hardcore to Punk melodic textures that causing thus restless kids kicking, punching and moshing altogether during the music started out as Darko crew consisting for Rob Piper, Andy Borg, Chris Brown, Dan Smith to Karl Sursham (not really related to The Mighty Mighty Bostoness) didn’t selling rhetoric theories but slicing solos to the magnificent emotional beats brought by Punk Rock and Pop cheats several years ago under the baptized genre named Emo-Core but nowadays even Guildford-UK blasting the no to nonsense but reality truth issues for daily news over the world and in your actual front facing this moments like The Smarter I Think I Am The Dumber I Actually Get, AWOL or Neo Was An Amateur – presented by the edgy danger social-values and environmental activists group Darko selling their regular mini album on From Trust To Conformity may sailing the technology to a false timing ends later but the Punk-Rockers shall lives to fought the robot wars mistake made onto disaster like the cover drawn to us.

From Trust To Conformity: