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Decibles (Torch Of Hope 2014)

   Manchester, UK self-distorting lobotomy for the broken-bones skate fans and street-spirits crew into graffiti, more violence fast Pop-Punk music and creative harsh wounds to mark daily as you doing something extreme but never stupid must be fitted to this Hardcore melodic punks consisted for the trio: Alessandro Gavazzi, Andy Dazzler and Dave as Dead Neck for the likes onto No Use For A Name, Satanic Surfers or Cigar and floating book reader or dreamer surrounded by the obstacles in form of giant pickle monsters in the middle of the lake river but not shaken at all working on the self-titled record as focus will be the key for the band to go on roaming with Cooking with Nunchucks, Oriental I and Lifeline or Murder Death Kill – shouting the accessible anthems to protests for the generation against the bullshit society’s rules telling them to do for years.