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Deceiver (Attic 1984)

   Belleville, Ontario - Canada had a self-proclaimed first women to get succeeded in her solo career over Rock N’ Roll and Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music for commercial purposes at the late of the 80’s where female rockers used to be seen as only objects rather than subjects by the music media but Lee Aaron or born Karen Lynn Greening to go on and let ting her screaming harder and higher out of her talented throat of rock as releasing the second recording album off her collective works since the band project in Metal Queen.

   This beautiful female singer leading her back-up bands courtesy of John Albani (guitars/vocals), George Bernhardt (guitar, vocals), Attila Demien (drum-sets) and Jack Meli (bass & vocals) guarding surrounded over their mistress of rock dressing up sexier like the Viking princess as the Hard Rock fusion force grows and explodes by the mighty performance of works from Lee Aaron and friends here. Listen to the ultimate songs of border-less times to enjoying how Heavy Metal used to be awesome to catch via Head Above Water, Shale It Up, Got To be The One, Steal Away Your Love and Lady of The Darkest Night which closely related to the influenced beyond KISS, Van Halen onto further likes advice and great techniques from the woman whom also loved Blues and Jazz sounds besides just plain heavier music ...

Metal Queen: