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Deadly 06:08 (Heavy Psych Sounds 2018)

   Rhythmic bass guitars shouting by interchange noise distortion for those whom digging Ozzy plus Black Sabbath and Candlemass lesser metallic acts in Doom Rock to Stoner Metal crystallized through the forms over this group of the hometown Philadelphia, PA’s crew consisting for Pat Daly, Zach Thomas, Andrew Price, Napz Mosley and Shane Trimble writing their institutional lyrics variously mystical but the most relative ones is about rock music head-bang sounds or Friends of Death and through these tracks available in the self-titled releasing from High Reeper; the folks courageously fascinating to amaze the audience by combining package of Psychedelic Rock to hard Rock to Stoner within the ultimate togetherness arrangements for Chrome Hammer, Soul Taker, Double Down and Let It Ride, Black Leather (Chose Us) as mid-tempo fought rocks might interests thus whom love to get drunk in a half-way and still can listening to this type of straight heavy rock not too modern but little bit retro within the performance of the band. 

Die Slow in Weed & Speed.

High Reeper: