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Das Vierte Reich (Independent 2012)

   When you liking Thrash Metal – don’t hesitate to stay on the same steps cause it develops even further and then, changed names will spawning a new band just like the story for Harderwijk, Gelderland’s Tribal Spirits whose bringing their destructive sounds of aggressive, political, history and religious themes onto a hammering Thrash attacks as Rising Era extended play album goes explosively, demise the good solid established mind-thoughts that once controlling you. as the formation composed on five-piece metal-heads like lead vocalist Alwin van der Nagel onto rhythm guitarist Jory or Daan Klemann the lead six-stringer and bassist Wesley de Peuter witnessing the nuclear station in the middle of the jungle nearer to the sacred pyramid opens the revelation of world destruction for a year to come; thus Sepultura’s similarity of slamming tempos and slasher solos might cracking the danger of sudden death devastating like the tracks there: Infernal Crusade (Diablo), While She Rots and Desecrate Me – truly means massive effects to the closest community of mankind facing obliteration.

Rising Era: