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Darkness Faith Face (Massacre Records 1998)

   Founded this German’s Heavy Metal Progressive and Thrash group with Ferdy Doernberg on keyboards/slide-guitar and vocals onto guitarist Himler Staacke, lead vocalist Jan Barnett playing guitar; bassist Ralf Schwertner and drummer Herbert Hartmann proudly pleasing to this release of their fifth recording collection on Speed Metal melodic so far and the lady goddess moon Diana or Luna looking pleased to meet this offerings through Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal upon the altar of sacred temple of the lights as the finishing thus built-up obelisks and sexiness looking throne ruler of female sided rocks the audiences within Nosferatu, A Matter of Size, From Here to Eternity, Neutrophobia as well as When Life and Pain Unite or Where The Red Waters Flow bashing the effective spoken onto the riff-age symphonic soloist as the blasted sounds for Friends and Never Lose Again ’98 fits the equality Beyond The Sundown’s scientific themes and further magical attached intact into one good album show.

Beyond The Sundown: