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Dance Palette Shall (I Hate Smoke Records 2016)

   Weird naming for the band seems too productive to not easily unnoticed just for the examples for BeeBee, Handa, KJ Monmon and Nakata truly unites as a quartet whose loving The Ramones, The Buzzcocks and The Cars to bring their compositions of Punk-Pop absurd fun as becoming Kingons that really rhyming like a cousin race of klingon or something not from this world but relax – cause their music awesomely rocking and still coming from this world you live in.
   These Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture – Japan brought to us their newest Kingons Expo as their forth releasing in thus Pop-Punk-Rock career of the band writing the lyrics curiously, not hating the government or even lives but closer to sharing their experiences about on how to love your days and everything surroundings but never change your opinion for great times and power-chords force to moving people whom being your listeners or not to liking the coloring themes in Japanese retro Rock N’ Roll soloist or rhythm-beats cleverly cool here.
   Go for goals and lift up your amazing dreams to be reach pretty soon like the band did there through the shouts and the dance silly on pogo rocking with Konokoewo, P.O.P, Additional, Bye bye My Girl or In The Room and I Don’t Wanna Stop My Music to the traditional meets modernity on 綺麗な世界を見落として

Loving the folk masked loving tradition heritage band like them adding more values to Punk Rock internationally loveable to hear.  

Kingons Expo: