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Damian Marquez Stay (Shadowplay Release 2012)

Promising that you and your freaking friends would love to go head-banging in dance mode as for those whom likely goes down into Electronic beats and Rock dominant sounds shall rarely, knowing this group but going to love how they’re creating things to force the movements on great masses burning the club-house and arena by the performance from Artem Afanas’ev, Igor Zhukov and Margarita Kravcova releasing the third album entitled – We had A Carnival as Industrial, EBM and Progressive House rules the stereo system at once.

Even some media calls this as Funeral Electronic but truly – the fresh gloomy beats or the eradicated fusion upon blistering materials and noises in Trance-Rave savage gluttony rhythmic shall hypnotizing people to moving forward and backwards as possible following the tempos and the magic spells of the new millennium target practice through Disco-Electro pump-blasts by Sleetgrout and their masked creatures within Trick or Threat, Let’s Talk About My Life, Go To Heaven, Get Rid of This Life all the way through Dance Like Joke, Feel me Twice or Results pulling those sinful couples and more atheist audiences slipped onto Hell bent of lust breathing rooms. 

We Had A Carnival: