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Daddy Margaret Rose (Not On Label 2016)

   Don’t call the world weird or strange if there’s no places for kind of rooms for uniqueness such as this Uncle Meg – actually, used to be a transgender of West Virginia but moved and representing Brookyln, NY next for you to meet Uncle Meg; a visual, lyrics writer, talents female turning male; featuring himself now via magazines and papers for being honest and exploring his expression in gender borderlines. The Bug released album must be one of the real options out there for Alternative Hip-Hop and Rap or Rn’B sounds from the street, the urban area and suburban streets or big apple community alley collaborates the writers besides Uncle Meg himself as friends like Miss Eaves, Laura Lee Bishop, SamWise, Apples and John DEBT or SNG as unity production leads your ears onto the rhythmic friendly but smarter lyrics and rhythmic flows there as he/she/them saying hi not mocking with tongue-out within Freak Like a Model, Gold or Taylor Swift (feat. Laura Lee Bishop), Can’t Stop Won’t Atop (ft. Apples) Killer Clown (prod. Kakuto Beats) and Little Red Dress or Lay Low and Real Love mixed well for generation future incoming for seeing differences as power not hatred makes the world go around not stuck and stop cuz this rapper did it.
Put the new hair-style and the pomade there – niggas !