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Cutoff: Remix (SkyQode 2018)

   By these five songs sending within every new release in features original provider of a perfect examples on experimental evolves that never stops digging the mid-tempo crunchy modern Bass Music as not only a fuel for the dance floor but also skillful monstrous blends altogether is no exception for Villain Royale bursting this Electro-Industrial and Mid-Techno EBM fusion creating by the led figure of the band itself on Ars Nikonov or Archr moving his own dreams and imaginations for expression beyond the genre limits and sets like the previous works and forward into the future parts which the computerized person figure with hooded introducing itself as Diversant: 13 disturbed a bit by those glitches as the music plays for us to hear the blast-beats via Riot Brigade, Hype Machine or Renegade of Dark story-telling the public about the vision from the future of Belarus brought back to share and happens now today within the Dark-Electro infection spreads of everything inside the tube.

Villain Royale: