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CTV1 Interlude (Independent 2018)

   Wondering how a white guy did manage to entering and evolving his likes over Black Music especially Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi beats added by instrumental sounds for the present and the future in top-tracking the resemblance for Toonorth wasn’t as like just a direction for fame but the style of living for some and this is it – these raw beats to bump in the car out of Ashland, Oregon release for Car Tunes Vol. 1 with the artworks made by Andy Avina and the music arranger Toonorth using Rn’ B, Pop tunes, Soul and soft Funk and many sampling sound-blends for driving your low-rider vehicle down the road and around up town not being too freaking fast or furious and definitely, not affiliated to Gangsta-Rap at all. Summertime, All Mine, Lookin Up, Wherever U Go, Runnin in Circles and New Days represents the inner guidance for those whom working hard, living clean and having plenty fun to be happy always like the good party held.

Car Tunes Vol. 1: