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Cry Birds (Mass Media Records 2014)

   Reminding the similarity as one being thrown to the time machine and goes back decades ago to meet Siouxie and The Banshee team as they’re still young and brought the spirits of Goth Post-Punk to blending it with the newest Deathrock collision as then take the local band out of Helsinki – Finland and injecting them within thus liquid extract from the 80’s era changing the times as the far-related cousins of them brought here as onto Masquerade; the band that consisting of Jacques Saph, Mika Willberg, Rudy Soininen, William Freyermuth and the front lady whom looking arousing sexy but dangerous inside her painted hair and beauty damned working in for the EP sessions of the group called Blood is The New Black as you might thrown up seeing the dead fox pulling out by a goth-woman to be displayed in front of the camera mystifying the rest signs for ritualistic celebrating as Murderama, I Will Stalk You and All Things Hurt really captures the significant mystical mysteries carried by the piece of troops of the fully make-up Goth-rocker collective members on this colder wave off the deader north.

Blood Is The New Black: