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Crux Golden (RidingEasy Records 2016)

Feels like we had been thrown back to passing the invisible wall of travelling times back to listening and witnessing the 70’s Metal of America within the Doomy Rock performance from vocalist Laura Dolan, Ross Dolan on guitars, Randy Proctor for the bass guitar and Nate Wagner on drums/percussion as the powerful young quartet genre proclaiming their rocking scene back to a blast within those licking solos and rhythmic riffs and mystic sounds building the atmosphere of occults via the ten track-listed recording of an album by these Cincinnati, Ohio’s magic beauty and stronger band – Electric Citizen on Higher Time record. 

Fantastic front woman as like she’s the reincarnation of Ozzy in female form but further more attractive nowadays and greater music written and loving not only Sabbath but Deep Purple too – smashing goes in mid-tempo sounds cranked through Social Phobia, Devils in Passing Time, Ghost of Me, natural Law and Two Hearted Woman must be a complex terrifying aspects and themes to thrown from stages to the possessed hypnotic audiences. 

Higher Time: