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Concilium Living (LMP/Recital 2003)

   On the new album as the second offerings from the Melodic Neo-Classic Power Metal within the line-up of kwyboardist Antonio Silva, Rui Santos (bass timeless), vocalist Ana Lara, guitarist Miguel Gomes and several drummer guarding their back based behind the drum-sets releasing the record entitled Beyond Earth as bringing their suitable harmonic presence here in the abandoned lost cities of the desert moon satellite watching the blue planet as the distance between them was the closest one in decades and those backing choir vocals collision over the fast drumming meets the highly skilled techniques won’t be sounded disappointing to hear by the metallic superiority checks displaying these tracks and high pitched tones remarkably amazing to lullaby for your imaginations as the magic solos sparks or strikes in after choruses. So many tasty music and consolidation of song-writing and heaviest arrangements by the Portugese rockers of Oratory – not giving speech to the universe but great artistic and progressive classical Heavy Metal show over Song Of Lust, Heroes From The Past, Your Glory Won’t Last Forever, Eternal or Old Man’s Prophecy are the proof you seek !

Beyond Earth: