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Cold As Ice (AFM/Avalon Records 2007)

   Number seven album releasing from this German Neo-Classical of Power Metal group – At Vance as the lead vocalist Oliver Hartmann and guitarist Plaf Lenk forming this unit along with their recruits like Casey Grillo, Rick Altzi, Jurgen “Sledgehammer” Lucas or Uli Muller and Reinald Konig completed them; for this seventh recordings for their collection over VII still blasting the standard high pictehd tones and powerful vocals sounding like epic as well as the music performing by the band – putting their loves for Classical Heavy Metal, Rock and Speed Metal in general to some finest catchy choruses and mighty guitar solos. Slashing to shredding to the brash-collective atmosphere of highest spiritual magic beams surroundings the holy figure and the sinful nude women tearing up the virtual reality by Breaking The Night, Golden Leaves, Victory, Friendly Fire, Shiver onto Answer Me and Truth making the listeners like us to be Lost in Your Love – o the great sounds of Heavy Metal’s ancient civilization signs.