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Coin Toss Shaman (AltrOck 2017)

   Ensemble of musician-troops hailing from Oakland, California given the meaning of truth explorations and experimental in Progressive Rock naming after the chosen few and odd prosecution here for Inner Rear Brigade recalling the essential performance through the likes and influenced from Classic Rock, free-Jazz vibes and groovy modern alternation sides begging for Bill Wolter on guitars. Chris Lauf the drummer, electric bass player Stephen Wright to keyboardist Eli Wallace as well as trumpeter Theo Paduvas or David Shaff, tenor/alto/soprano saxophone by Ivor Holloway; Andrew Vernon on keyboards and Aharon Wheels Bolsta on tabla surrounding the middle impression point of views for the audience over vocalist Melody Ferris whom also helping the lyrics writing and they’re completing to serving and release this - Dromology as the throne of the eagle brave and many shapes and pictography signs artworks to given the San Francisco basic music offers there. Listen to the taste of your delighted jazzy, Progressive Rock and prolong jams within Targa Floria, Bobotut, Dark Sleep Fortress as well as Birdie in The Wall through this second recording masterpiece that sparks the great arrangements, fully compositions and awesome play about logical dreams or else – colossus and ticklish.