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Clavicle Naps (Bandcamp 2016)

   When Ruby Nightingale plays the guitar within her singing voice comes out your stereo system and within the help of Adam Ackerman on bass and keyboards onto Cameron Boucher producing/mixed/mastered the recording sessions off these Acoustic Folk Alternative Indie from London; the spotted complexion and non-famous component agile to be born within her as the story background for Orion’s Belt isn’t that cheesy something conspiring came along as the drawing things and possession ability of Morning Black, Throat Missed, Back In as well as Breathing Growth and Head Held glowing the sparks onto the darkest evening times that you’re facing here within the calmness of the beauty girl loving for musical making in such honest or simple by simplicity through the collaborative lyrics and wiser thoughts written or arranged pretty much well. 

Orion's Belt: