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Chloe (Bandcamp 2014)

   An acoustic Folkish-Pop Punk tribute to a good friend created and recorded by John Floreani from Newcastle, Australia upon this casual lifting Emo-project based as this singer/song-writer making you feel so happy as the collection of short stories sad tales and life-experiences may seemed to carefully, hold a grudge for life, taken memories recreates regrets and sadness as gratitude of the recent self-awareness dedicated there by the man with his acoustic guitar singing in tears and shaking conditions over Pathetic to A Distance and Elephant or Moving Day; a Little Brother is in between selfish and honest and loving romance – all gone in just quotes as the train slowly gone from your views off the same place to stand and this recording called Terrace leaving only smokes and distant sounds.

While the dominant soar vocals and the mixed of Folk, Country and Pop-Emo keeps playing on even when there's no listeners ...