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Chandaal Shaitaan (Cding International Kathmandu 2001)

   Be squared and be tortured to your fallen horrible death as the listening time for the meaningful Sanskrit term denoting for bad harmful action and Death Metal of the first ever band of Extreme heavier comes out from Kathmandu as the Nepalese metal-head crew bashing your forehead and make you succumb as nihilism, atheism, rituals to gore consumes you slowly and painful. Splitting chest open using the traditional dagger sharpen as Bikram and Bijay the brothers handling growler vocals and drumming meet Sunil the shedder and bass-basher Prateek from the highest unknown like avalanche of the demon possessing your stereo system within the first full length recording from them in Blood Metal Initiation as Ugra Karma forcing you to cut your own beating heart and pulls it out on your hand as your body died slower even when the wounds or the beheading didn’t yet kills the bastard. Pray and hoped that you won’t have to be captured by the curses rites of the elder evil beings from the top of the world mysteries as the kingdom comes to separately, molested your modern views and turning your decency into the art of self-mutilation background themed by Divination Desecrated, Mayhemic Horde, A Grand Declaration of Atheism & Blasphemy onto Slaughtersword Deathbringer resulting the Suicidal Lunacy as been seeing clear where to ahead gone for Home of The Beast Cannibal Feast perversion on nihilism prevails through paganism.

Blood Metal Initiation: