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Burned To Ashes (Grotesque Sounds Productions 2018)

   Russian being infamous for spawning more and more Extreme Death Metal groups since the glasnost and perestroika and the commonwealth of independent states plan didn’t fucking works to re-uniting the vast land of the world there – located on the top north parts and with the divine blessing to have a dictator like Vladimir then, includes the Vologda and Lovecraft-ism metallic death unit calling themselves Dig Me No Grave composite for Anton Pyatakov, Nikita Smirnov or Alexander Kupriyanov handling the guitars department while vocalist Alexey Rumyantsev and drummer Anatoly Schenikov leading the blaster parts confronting and surrounding the danger immediate sounds to shaking the faith of many listeners dare to try them.

   Latest efforts of brutality extreme out of The Valley of Serpents catalog by them seemingly, creating thus total parable images of horrific creatures and rites results which worshiping the snakes and reptilians as well as the depth secrets  kept by kraken as well as the book of the dead resurrects by the growler mad erupting self-written materials as well as the covers like Motorhead’s Religion or Shub Niggurath’s Legions from Absu and also Voice of The Entombed doing the best destructive sending messages towards the century of torments and uncertainty well told. 

Don’t blame the group if this package remains you a bit about South of Heaven ... 

The Valley Of Serpents: