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Bring In The Wine (CLS 2016)

   Hong Kong phooey didn’t always really works to expressing how piss the local crew of metal-heads means toward their crushing music making in the show-off force by Bob Wan on vocals, Grenade Kwong on bass, Thomas Yuen the guitarist, Edwin Yau on drums; but CharmCharmChu means only at first one man project by the drums before spreading wider with this bringer of Chinese lyrics harsh cursing for Cross-over Thrash Metal unit.

   Glimmer light-saber, drumsticks, flaming hand and giant beer can atomic missile with bio-chemical weapon of mass-destruction in it is ready to launch by the filthy pig ruler as his good destructive business of the pollutant future images are truly not nearly miss from the band’s Hardcore prediction on this Majestic Brewing Order album release. Go fuck the global terrors within the track-listed Warhose, Fuck Off! Cops and Repetitive Error to the instrumental 650 or their Chinese version and glaring riffs of deadly blasts by this unit or rebel heads to your drunken ears and damn brain !

What a fuckin' chinese crew ...

Majestic Brewing Order: