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Boxen-Hooda-Hayda (Self-Released 2018)

   Being a legendary by the local scene of Punk Rock from the early of nineties doesn’t mean that you then left stranded alone after all your scene gone vanishing or turning to something else because trendy never erasing the originality as this Hobart, Tasmania group formed by Linda Johnston the vocalist with her brother the guitar-demon Dannie “Bean” Johnston as well as drummer Brent “Sloth” Punshon selecting the classic formation with rocking solid bass player Mindy Mapp to becoming Little Ugly Girls right now moved to Melbourne and finally, releasing their own recordable self-titled full length with thus popular magazine-like front cover artworks and screaming protester lyrics over Storm After Storm, Jimmeh, Slip, Tractor and more of them via Baggage, The Pit, Snap and Dead C suits still for the new millennium genre listeners as the world gone rounding faster with problems – so did the grungy tunes works as the hard cure or poison; kicking your ignorant minds.

Ugly Little Girls: