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Born With Teeth (Columbia 1985)

   Do you ever know that there’s a Pop-Rock band from America mostly being popular through almost entire of Europe in the mid of eighties just as the beginning on their debut album recording charted at number 61in the US Top 75 or Top 10 hits successfully rules the adult contemporary airplay in Pop genre over stations on France, Italy, Belgium or the Netherlands within the performance of the musician members whose forming the band and goes within the adventurous shows and stages and all songs writer by Peter Kingsbery (lead vocals, keyboards, bass guitar and synthesizer programming), Anna LaCazio (lead vocals and casio keyboards), Louis Molino III (drums, percussion) and Clive Wright (guitars, roland gr 300) bring us the New Wave and Pop-Rock culture mixing as produced by Steve Hillage. Everyone listening to this will having a good times to dancing silly or following the melodies rowing tunes on boat while the band choose to stay standing on the rocks and performs for the listed tracks here like The Promise You Made, Because It Keeps On Working, More Than Willing, A Little Innocence or Thought You Were on My Side. Cock Robin – remember that name when you listening to these platinum gold record from them.

Cock Robin: