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Boomeranxiety Bomb (APF Records 2018)

   Sounds of unhealthy British men trio for their liking touches into Grunge, Punk and Stoner Metal progressions grown up in a desert artistic and non-artificial founded on the South East suburb grittiest of Redhill within the riff-age blazing barks and standard fast disturbing the older people’s hearing by loud distortions means a perfect gift off Trevor’s Head members: Matt Ainsworth on drums, vocals, keyboards and synths to flute and percussion or Roger Atkins the guitarist/vocalist and Aaron Strachan on bass guitar, vocals to gliss and additional vocals back-up from Tom Wild, Jordan Talbot or Hayley Simpson not trying to beat any Pink Floyd sessions through the band’s self-written materials and rhythmic grooves company clones the pulsing driven of engineers within sound-proof ballistic shocks due to the naked pregnant woman figure sitting in her samadhi like positions mystically, occult-related for Soma Holiday as bragging bash of smaller expression explodes within Verbal Hygiene, Sleepstate, Lung, Billion Dollar Fart, Clerical Error and Writer’s Block and I Can’t believe It’s Not Better draining the entire catalogs for the recording as like exits the last burnt out track as Welcome (The Unburdening) catches delightful Alternative Heavy Rock and Hard Rock off the UK’s amazing taste to provides.

Soma Holiday: