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Book Of Strange Love (Self-Released 2016)

   Sculptures the massage as messenger of music experimental in a new technology universe project for Josep Mateo means the echoes of meaningless threads recording on the front covering album which looks like a reminder for the conference of birds novel which was fits as those flocks of feathered flying congress gathering for Owl Lord has chosen the right candidate to leads the kingdom once again as no further illuminating instrumentals would definitely explains what the results of that meeting but Leth doing it by playing the experiments over noises sampling to synthesizers ambient disturbance efforts by giving each and every single order or decisions made there closely – gone onto these ten tracks of musical project experiences to hear by the listeners – like Stelar Greens, Bring Me The Gods, Bleached, Deltra Omise and Languedoc as cheaper nor expensive that money cannot buy or pay finally, tells us about The Mockery of The Owl by Jan Van Kessel The Elder painting has an offer to collaborates within the October hours of penance before the darker haunting hour begins; weeks before the all souls day in Barcelona, Spain …

Owl Lord: