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Blues Drone Cold (Not On Label 2016)

   Jacob composite those guitars, vocals, bass to keys and reeds, little drums and field recording plunders with the help of violinist/saxophonist Ollie, Brendan the percussionist; Michael on alto saxophone or Erik by the viola, Garrett (bass) and guitarist Brandon creates the amiable attempts as infinite duality circling the existence of terms as solid reality into Free-Jazz blending the Indie Rock, Lo-Fi Pop as well as Ambient Art-Rock sound progressions on a Bedroom trends emotions knowing by the simple group name: Single Soul which producing this Earthly Conduct paintings the hometown of a small town peaceful background in radish horizon sky onto the reflections on calm water of the lake and haunting vocals – mostly, related to semi-acoustic musical as Jacob lean on the opening track about how himself goes out to stepping through the door lines to see him as New Jacob Leaves His Discomfort durations in almost ten minutes more; followed by Two as taste the three minutes and twenty seconds or Blood Sanity Avocado Song telling you the strange tales toward the experiences from the man and his friends themselves justify the improvisations grocery hopes and standard miracles happening in a tiny way change of the day.

Sorrow themes like I Didn’t Go To Prom or Pure Jakey Leaves The Garden of Boogaloo shall inviting depressions to show up and consuming the audiences via Monday Morning Propane Exchange doesn’t always sang about Eden for Ashland - Oregon. 

Earthly Conduct: