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Bluebird Moon (Epic/Sony Music 2010)

   Pop-Rock powers within the great displays for not eventually but prolong self proclaims as American song-writer, singer with wonderful voice and pianist seems to make Sara Beth Bareilles talent-living worth to make her a new star just like where everyone found out about her greatness in music by the well-known breakthrough artists like Sara Bareilles behind her awesome album – Kaleidoscopic Heart making the package fully entertaining for young lovers, romantic moment cherish and even broken stories comes and go over your shoulders – all being focused to overlooking in song-written by this girl through kinds of positive vibes, wiser lyrics and profound solutions to moving on and becoming fresh again within the likes for the radio hits – King of Anything or Uncharted as well as other tracks such as Gonna Get Over You, Hold My Heart, The Light, Say You’re Sorry, Let The Rain, Machine Gun and Basket Case choose not to became silent but tell and shared the feelings that you loved or feared the most approaching your standing ground from the pasts or the presence of modern days in courageous bigger heart. Porky-pie hat and black dress doesn’t mean that stylish minds will always breathing alive.

Kaleidoscope Heart: