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Blue Stockings (Dying Art Productions 2013)

   Ridiculous thoughtful a worst try to copying how Lemmy sang his rocking tunes legendary and these chinese scumbags of metallic punks crew led by Li Xingjiang on vocals/bass with his crazy rockheads friends on Bai Hao Chen on guitars and Su Wufan on drums; written their heavy Metal compositions onto women and love lyrics themed and Beijing’s delicious female ass dressing up in real hustling rocker style on this demo/mini record Sexy Big Butt if isn’t not too damn extreme – this shit really cool to entertaining your drunken night with farewell friends going to war or being dumped by the fucking life and bitches wives to destroying the garage or basement area within the chaos English and Chinese fucker language and stories to shouts to the world within Run To The Hill, Evil Queen onto Stand By Me (Live) and Flying V Girl.

Tractor would goes the way to fucking your membrane and gives you stomach-ache for several minutes to laugh for this Motorhead-like version (now) made in Chinese ! 

Sexy Big Butt: