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Bleed Sacrifice (MCA Records 1991)

   Buck Murphy, Johnny Lonely, Scott Tracy and Todd Rigione forming this Indie Rock group acting in such artistic Grungy Blues and native atmosphere characteristic of music rocking loud but not the snotty type of version you think it is. The melodious Liquid Jesus recording this second album – Pour In The Sky portraying the ensemble life of mankind in a mural painting to those fascinating vocals available here from the band to wrote down their materials that should be golden but time disapproved their existence even though people of the music lover might granted to rocked out because of this sounds.

Listening onto On My Way, No Secret, W.H.Y.B, Feelings Flower and The Light shows the excitements in pure solos arena pulse or the entire groovy moves for soulful Rock Music choice – instead, the lack of promotion and the slip of steps didn’t quite met these guys to the brighter surface is such a shame. 

Pour In The Sky: