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Blame Me Love Is (Mercury 2009)

   Charlottesville – Virginia’s Pop-Alternative sensation of the modern days teenage living collections to grab because the music products sounding so catchy sweet and remarkably, interesting to popular people and listeners to get them in their pocket quickly. Led by Will Anderson on lead vocals/guitar/piano; Johnny Stubblefield on drums, Kit French on saxophone/keyboards/percussion; Nate McFarland on lead guitars to bassist Alex Hargrave sounded alike the first version of Maroon 5 before ego took over their original music as Parachute’s first debut brings us the greatest song-writing tracks people or audiences would love to hear them all day long on your car stereo – as Pop-Rock to Alternative Pop for the empty abandoned roller-coaster reels must be courageously sang as Back Again, She (For Liz), The Mess I Made, Ghost onto Under Control and Words Meet Heartbeats controlling the romance themes for Losing Sleep from this American band; portraying the blue cloudy sky, the seagull and themselves in a good snap-shoot of the fresher performance. 

Losing Sleep: