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Biru Sugar (Anoa Records 2017)

   It’s melodramatically, sounding closer to the lost materials off The Wannadies stolen laptops since the late nineties but this is real for a Power-Pop members of the band Barefood which consisiting for Ditto Pradwitto and Rachmad Triyadi leading roles to wrote, arranged and infusing more popular catchy music through the loves for Alternative Rock, Indie Pop and Punk Rock locally, not trying to force you to drink the local dairies products or adds but the sweet distorted Milkbox means a good life should be granted in much respects but never too much over the limits and tracks like Grown Up, Candy, Amelie onto Soda over Hitam caught some of those issues in daily activities over romance, failure, happiness and even the loss of someone you loved doesn’t have to stop your spirits and activity from keeps going on and happening in quite times to mourn but the most available greater tunes in Jangly catch there cares about us the people more and blended by joy conquering hatred or blind faith to help other within kindness and Pop music.