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Bigger Called Land (Universal Republic Records 2014)

   Hot-like the comparison to Jennifer Anniston as this Malibu – California girl with plenty talents as an American singer or guitarist using her popular looks and semi-acoustic writing of songs debut to won a grammy and successfully, breakthrough her own dreams by challenging by billboards magazines turning to good career for Colbie Marie Caillat for selling her albums from the first to several others but here we just need to peeping in through Colbie Caillat’s fifth recording called Gypsy Heart as the audience can no longer unfamiliar to the presence of herself portraying for the cover-front shady stunning looks in the beach-living atmosphere sweaty and dark V-frontal chest dress can giving the listeners a non-spoken moments before going to have a good sounds of Pop-Rock, Rn’B, Electro-Dance and Folk-Pop tracks available inside like Never Gonna Let You Down, If You Love Me Let Me Go, Blaze, Live It Up, Just Like That, Nice Guys or Break Free – certainly, given us the other sided of enclosure sexy within a sweeter taste of how white rich babe can offers you her works surrounding by tasty harmonies and Pop-cultured choruses for the endless summer, the bikini’s pleasure figures and the castle in the sand besides lemonade or fresh coconut drinks and meeting new friends over the sunshine experience !

Gypsy Heart: