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Big Show (MS Entertainment 2017)

   Old-School Classic Rap to hip-Hop forming by these DJ’s and musician from the land of the rising sun – Japanese descents Yamada Man, DJ Toshi onto DJ Tanaken not terrifying to copy the style of Cypress Hill meets A Lighter Shade of Brown through their latest releasing album as the local Japanese lyrics and tales mixed within thus international relationship’s in English but as some didn’t really know about Japanese language. Just stick with the bombastic music sounds coming out of Ultra-Hard as the trio mischievous and brave providing the Electro-Rock industry to the world via Hot, My Way, More Fire or We Back on The Scene proclaiming how the band struggles for quite a long time and as demands for quality traditional products of Japan gaining big obsession, the groovy tempos, scary ambulance sirens, police standing guarded everywhere as Rappagiya flowing their mastering explosive beats in Rap-Metal fusion and the Ultra Hard car since he given it to the policeman security for neat rappin’, lyrics fittin’ or the logo changing like Rhyming Horse brings the featuring artists like KJ Dragon Ash, Mek Piisua to Cypress Ueno – just through this one can achieved more about Hip-Hop they’ve dreaming of listening to via the weird band’s name with a blasting sounds !