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Bianca Anyway (Heyman! Records 2013)

   Lovespoon stands for their liking on Folk n’ Roll onto Rock Psychedelic as formatted themselves via Flep, Ginger, Joe and Nick flicking the sweet-sounds being influenced by the retro sounds off the seventies and sixties era music as the looking down doesn’t mean that you cannot going forward and through that taste of modernity meets old stuff sophomore standard Rock n’ Roll carrier musical project in band spawning this album called Carious Soul – an Alternative Rock moments made of Ravenna, Italy as self-writing songs and arrangements really closer relating to the US friends and old days themes to share here over Mary Comes, Pale Moon, Maryonettes, Like An Eleonor onto Butterfly or Sleeping On a Bench and Another Pale Moon closing the salute from the group members to their loving type of written tracks not just praising a romance fuck love of a narrow minded.

Carious Soul: