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Bentley Young (Frisson Entertainment 2014)


   Born from the wealthy parents whose an Indonesian industrial trader attaché and exporting insurance of Indonesia CEO father/mother didn’t really satisfied the adventurous living as she moved to another countries to another one; smoothly/softly digging her own musical talents within Ratih Suryahutamy to be shaped as one of the brighter shiny song-writer/singer and artist from Jakarta to raising herself describing music making by the combination for Folk, Rock, Soul, Rn’B and Electronic mixed with violins, harp or acoustic guitar as well as banjo, koto of japan and mandolin or glockenspiel, table and synthesizers becoming letting her to be on the list of Indonesian bands you should listening to today’s choice as Seeds (her album) recorded and being released like an egg for the beginning of everything such as the beauty blended of Pop-Rock to Blues style like Neonomora’s sounds closer to Beth Hart works but has her own materials blessings via Repiblic 106, Verge of Universe, The Man, Fight and Palace in My Dreams – really amusing to catch by good ears of music lovers.