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Bellows Crawling (Bandcamp 2017)

   Abstract can comes in so many forms or formats by the artistic drawings or musical performance and for that decision – these Market Harborough – UK crew of a band in the early new millennium ago as a trio of the Betts which consisted of Oliver (multi-instrumentalist), Tom on drums and Stweart Brackley for the bass and vocals with the complete additional percussionist/electronics Euan Rodger and Ollie Warren for guitars calling themselves as Black Carrot bridging the satirical freeform of improving Avantgarde with Krautrock and Jazz-Rock fusions hybrid through this self-written materials off the twenty-four track-listing over the imaginable figures of pinkish dragon covered in clouds, mutant owl, ostrich chick with winged eyes, gift-wrapping face-man, wooden mushroom dance in red, rock gentleman onto one eyed knighthood and meaty head yuppie with the total music plays gone sophomore and mad inside “Anthony & Leonard” record not as sweet as The Beatles but weirder and odd multiply over That Green Grass is Mould, Ragu & Roses, Wish Upon Wish, I Could Tell You Seven, Telescopic Arms, The Beef Lomax, Und’r The Rabbit’s Wing as well as She Fixed Him with a Drone, Topiary Man or Bleached Crinkled Sun spreading the hazy moss and eruption laughs on having the best progressive songs fits for the background daily living anthems over the Post-Rock’s fairytale realm.