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Bailemos (Self-Released 2018)

   Knowing to mention someone popular from any Ecuadorian’s Andean Pop Music lately ? It’s okey if you didn’t have one names but here the proof for the visiting of supplements stories where a girl from Guayaquil traveled to Miami; seeking musical opportunities and with her background of guitar lessons and the ability to writing down the penned songs lyrics off her own collection – makes Mirella Cesa later finding her chance to get the fame becoming her own achievement via Pop-tunes and traditional Pop-Rock written tracks like the decent characteristic harp to guitar-based sounds within thus Spanish tales and various beats available on Arcoiris drawing the rainbow-type of background displaying the sacred Ecuador flag sigil and the female vocalist/artists to posing wrapped under her national/traditional dresses and clothes singing softly through the romance popular En Ti (One Ten), La Corriente (The Current), Respira (Breathe) as well as Quedate (Stay) and Tu Tambien Me Gusta (I Also Liking You) matches the strange-exotic inca faces displays for modern days global that brought there by this mini-album debut beauties from the Andes area.