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Aufruf Der Pilz (Tee Pee Records 2007)

   Psychedelic force the listeners onto the journey of putting the rest inside the palm of Progressive Psych-Metal gang members of the calmer unknown not giving their identity easy to get famous is these Brooklyn, New York unit (simply) naming themselves as Titan as a launches of the quartet: Steve Moore on bass guitar, Josh Anzano the six strings player, drummer Dave Liebowitz and Kris D’Agostino for synthesizer whose not mocking but seriously, given everything they’ve got here on the purchase elements through the long adventurous track-listed arrangements in precise points and awesome band-jamming via the resulting record number two – A Raining Sun Of Light & Love For You & You & You by kinetic multi-formats and comparison genuine adaptations tendencies over a frivolous experimenting suspense and underground melodies through rhythms, sequences and improvisation in tight anxiety blended off Krautrock, Stoner Rock to the high percentages of Progressive Metal/Rock assembling.
   Hear them out over the opener Annals of The Former World or Obelisk Orbit Overdrive and Hashishin Ohel for the craziest progressions in the making within brains, hearts and souls in search of the secrets of life to be revealed as long as forty-one minutes and thirty-eight seconds play. 

A Raining Sun Of Light & Love For You & You & You: