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Auction Sale (Kinology/Sentient Pictures 2017)

   Scott Eastwood goes for the glory on his dreams … for stealing cars as a daily job and he’s not alone on this one; there’s Freddie Thorp his brother and two of their lovely hot girlfriends – Ana De Armas and Gaia Weiss as Andrew and Garret Foster stealing a wrong Bugatti in southern france ended up for them to facing ruthless local crime lord further more leads them onto another car heist for the lord against his rivalry criminal boss’ expensive luxurious Ferrari.
Operates as international car thieves and now must working to Jacomo Morier wanted the brothers to steal a rare car completing his collection in a week condition. Helped later to succeeded by the girlfriend, good friends and cousin as the team of Andrew and Garret happens to go into series of car chasing and dangerous curving road driving all the way from mr. Klemp’s garage whom then partnered with them to a payback mission over Morier as he died inside his car rammed to the water hard. Andrew proposing Stephanie and on their newer adventure in Paris – the team spots about the info of another rare ultra car in Barcelona; nobody leaves the business and the next plotting is on the way over this highlighted but not really famous new movie – Overdrive. 
   Which means that the actors and actress didn’t really gets the audience’s interest to applause them but some of the stunts and high chased techniques could be seen as amazing tops if it’s not dramatically, blew up by the cheap romance and cheesy plain story this film brings to you. The soundtrack score itself would be a better accomplished tunes to make the film looks tougher and interesting by Pascal Lengagne composing much tracks of instrumental variety on Final Duel, My Name is Laurent, On The Beach, Leon, Truck Robbery or It Begins and The Plan releasing some kinds of adrenaline and facts mattered to seek for the whole pictures on this small movie.