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Asshole Kiss (I Hate Smoke Records 2015)

   Another Story Goes like a blast of the evening calm and NOFX’s inspiring for Summer Night from Lext (the group) biking fast to getting through the dark street where the street lights turned dim and nobody seems liking to crossing around that small boring town anymore but good vocals and melodic Punk-Pop may coloring a little bit parts of your views not to hit by or hitting some sleepy taxi driver just like the cover story for Another Night EP which means related to the background themes for those whom travelling or going out to do something but have to succeeded reach the points where stupidity and error doesn’t really exists in such a clear present ways.

Standard rocking to harmonic blessings via the live music recording means nothing if you didn’t believe and put the trust onto this mini-album to guide your riding safely to your family and friends … 

Another Night EP: