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Assassin Cryptocracy (Independent 2017)

   Related themes written to lovecraft paranormal, philosophy as well death around the genre’s typhoon blistering sounds of the extreme from Ekaterinburg, Russia’s presenting values for Technical Death Metal progressive off Melentyev, Palistin and Reyngard trio changed their names to Incarnator and unleashing the latest terror of the stereo within Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam longer lasted for forty-five minutes; twenty-four seconds and ready to kills the audiences with riff-age, screaming vocals and high techniques on metallic mayhem music performance. Reptilian-hybrid chess players planning to the very closed destructions of the places and nations steps by steps as Enslavement Weapon, Conspiracy Theories to Scarecrowd and Neo-Colonization (just) like putin's plan trying to do to the burning world started from Yekaterinburg !

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam: