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As Cold As Devil’s Seed (Vault of Dried Bones 2017)

   Temple of Satan worshiping past midnight into the unholy trinity hour – darker and silent as the symbolic pentagram sigil drawn on the floor suddenly burn and smokey as the lord of the underworld and morning star finally, showed up and begun to raping the offering virgin female human while the rest of the brotherhood of the sacred litany of Black Metal alliance wearing clothes of hooded monks of the false prophets watching the moaning moments of the gigantic Weregoat copulating his innocent victim inside the circle while Lecherous Aggressor (lashes of Thermonclear wrath and forked tongue exhortations), Sadoseducer (doomhammers of primal lust and hate) and Nocturnal Hellfukker (four strings indiscriminate impregnator and goatlust invocation) brought the total Satanism rituals via this brunette girl naked in flesh of the perfect age to be one or more involvement off Pestilence Rites of Infernal Fornication as frightened un-natural as deprived and ugly looking but most powerful over the world to conquer under his feet as Black Metal and Death Metal and Thrash Metal – all slamming harder with the package blaspheming the Christian beliefs by rights; sealed with blood flowing out the women’s vagina – being destroyed completely by the monster goat lordas thus slashing fast, cutting edgy extremities and illegal force to destroying religions comes like a high tide danger on Screaming Forth Endless Blaspheme and Emitting Foul Seed Upon The Pitiful Face of Benevolence, At Fullmoon She Bleeds, Malediction Command, Molested By Evil and Osculum Infame inside the third compact disc from the Portland, Oregon’s lesser known but infamous group.